ClanAgro, We provide value
Only the sum of technological resources and knowledge, ensures maximum efficiency in the agri-food chain
ClanAgro, We provide Value
We implement global solutions that provide real value to the agri-food industry
ClanAgro, We provide Value
We offer knowledge, innovation, technologies and services to boost agro business
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ClanAgro is a cluster of companies whose actions, both in products and technologies and in services and strategies, are geared towards the agri-food sector, seeking to achieve an important impact on the development of rural areas.

We have the certainty that only working as a team, we can improve energy efficiency, the proper use of water, respect for the environment and the productivity of crops and soil.


Our Purpose

support the development of public and/or private projects, with real and effective impact in rural areas


ClanAgro is composed of a group of companies with more than 30 years of experience in the development and success of the Agricultural Model of Almería (Spain).

We have great experience in working with public administrations and governments; in the development of territorial policies; consultancy and development of solutions for interprofessional organizations; the unification of small producers; the growth of medium-sized farms; and the search and contribution of financing, both public and private, for projects in all areas of agriculture.

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Our Resources

we have human and material resources, to transfer knowledge and technologies to the agri-food industry


The companies that form ClanAgro are specialized in Consultancy, Production, Optimization of Water Resources, Agroindustry, Genetic Improvement, Postharvest, Energy, Training and the Environment.

We provide innovation, technology and experience to the agroindustry and we specialize in projects to boost and improve rural areas.



Feasibility studies, opportunities analysis, bids, contracts, business plans, commercialization.


Plant Breeding

Plant breeding programs, genetic improvement consulting, development and evaluation of new varieties, multiplication of hybrid seeds.



Agro engineering, farm design, precision agriculture, cartography and topography, manipulation and transformation, fresh-cut and vacuum packed products.



Calendar, plantation, biological control of pests, pollination, bionutrients, organic and ecological production, ornamental nurseries.



Control and safety systems; plant health, quality, Global-GAP and organic certifications; traceability systems with blockchain technologies.


Water Management

Optimization of water resources and water engineering; pumping and irrigation systems with solar technologies; fertigation, efficiency and purification technologies.



Energy efficiency; cogeneration, biogas, biomass, photovoltaic and wind systems; agricultural waste management; autonomous energy systems.



Production techniques, R&D management, digitization of farms, agridata analytics, introduction of new crops, certifications, etc .; both through non-regulated training and graduate programs.


Almeria Model

a proven development model, based on cutting-edge intensive agriculture


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